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Casita II Tiny House | Post 018 | Flooring and Tile

In the homestretch now…


Now that Casita II was parked on our property, it meant I could work every night in addition to weekends. I pulled some all-nighters and hopefully didn’t piss off the neighbors too much.


I built up the shower pan and curb using regular concrete and installed a glass shower door set with sliding track. The width can be adjusted to suit different sized showers, but the height was something I wanted to get perfect to keep water and steam out of the rest of the bathroom. My first attempt was about an inch off, so I built up the concrete curb so the top of the shower door track fit snugly against the ceiling.

I thought using penny round backsplash would be easier and require fewer cuts…WRONG. I thought the grout would fill the gaps near edges and I wouldn’t have to cut these tiny pieces of tile individually, but this was not the case.

I included a cutout for shelves rather than have too many things hanging and cluttering the space.

I fully intended on tiling the ceiling as well, but I could not get the sheets of backsplash to stick. To compromise, I used a trowel and layered on grout which looked fairly decent when dry. I caulked around the shower head and faucet and put in the sliding doors, but didn’t use the handles. Since space is always a concern, we decided to just use the holes where the handles would go to open and shut the doors. Water doesn’t leak and I like the way it turned out.

I finished the outside perimeter with a rectangular backsplash tile that I reclaimed and then moved on to the flooring.


We chose engineered bamboo flooring for its aesthetic and longevity. I’ve installed cheap laminate in the past and this stuff was much easier to work with. It was probably a bit overkill, but I used a flooring underlayment that doubles as a radiant barrier and noise reduction.





Lessons Learned

Measure twice…cut once! I tried to rush a few cuts and ended up wasting some product.


Sprint 14 Totals




See you soon 🙂

K/R – Casita II

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