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Casita II Tiny House | Post 017 | Finish Electrical/Plumbing

With Casita II in place, I was motivated to finish up everything else.


My friend that helped me out with the electrical rough-in was also kind enough to lend his expertise to this task as well. I wanted to be able to plug in the tiny house power and water just like any RV for ease of use. This involved digging a trench to hide the pipe and conduit. I tapped into the existing line for the main hose and ran a new section near the water inlet for Casita II.

Under careful supervision, I added a new 40 amp breaker to the main panel and ran 6/3 wire through conduit to where the water terminates as well. After adding a disconnect box, the product was essentially a low-profile RV pole. I tested everything and then filled back in the trench.


Like it never happened

After getting the remaining fixtures and wall plates installed, it really started to look and feel more like home.

I used ABS pipe to complete the plumbing below the tiny house and directed the three drains (Shower, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink) to a single location for drainage.


Lessons Learned

Thanks to our our chickens who continuously got in the way and kicked dirt back into the trench. This certainly helped me burn more calories.


Sprint 13 Totals


  • CURRENT PROJECT COST = $27,530.65


See you soon 🙂

K/R – Casita II

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