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Casita II Tiny House | Post 015 | Insulation & Drywall

Let’s warm it up!

The insulation phase of the project arrived just in time for the beginning of the cold season so we were happy to get it installed. We used a combination of Rockwool and rigid foamboard insulation, as well as some spray foam for the hard to reach areas. We also used a 6 mil vapor barrier on all walls and ceilings.

When it came time for drywall, I initially wanted to use 1/4″ for the lower weight, but all windows, doors, and electrical rough-ins were built for 1/2″. Sheetrock UltraLight weighs in at 39.2 pounds while the 1/4″ is about 10 pounds less. Even if the windows and doors didn’t require 1/2″ wall covering, using the 1/4″ material throughout would only save around 100 pounds and take more care to install.

We wanted to use reclaimed wood to make the ceilings really unique, so we spent quite a while busting up pallets and staining the pieces various colors using Varathane wood stain. Although extremely tedious and time consuming, I think the finished product was worth it.

Lessons Learned

Drywall is not difficult to install, but having a sharp razor knife was a must. I messed up a few pieces and then took extra time to measure all the cuts carefully for a good fit the first time. When taping seams I found that using the mesh tape was much easier and cleaner than the paper tape. I started off using the paper tape and found air bubbles that had dried underneath which forced me to redo work.

Sprint 11 Totals


  • CURRENT PROJECT COST = $26,307.15


See you soon 🙂

K/R – Casita II

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