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Casita II Tiny House | Post 012 | Roof

After many hours and several angle grinder injuries…


I’m happy to be done with the roof on Casita II!

When it came to sourcing material, I went through many of the same problems that I did when looking for metal siding. It got to the point that I opened each conversation with, “Can I give you money in exchange for roofing supplies?” The staff at Roofing Supply Group in Kearny Mesa, was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. They helped me to choose the correct trim and flashing and delivered right to the build site.

Roofing order

I had previously installed Grace Ice and Water Shield as an underlayment, which I had to order online as none of the local stores kept in in stock. Although most people use tar paper as a roofing underlayment, I wanted to more protection with the low 2/12 slope.

Roof underlayment


I ordered the roof panels pre-cut to size so installation was fairly simple. This is a standing seam roof where the fasteners are hidden so you basically just snap the brackets into place and screw into the roof deck, then snap the next panel over top.



Making cuts around the skylight was the only slightly difficult area and I also had to build a curb for the skylight, which I had forgotten to do earlier. The skylight was HEAVY and luckily, I had the help of three friends to lift it into place. It also did not come with a flashing kit, so I used an extra roof panel to cut custom pieces.


When all the panels were in place, I cut and installed the rake and gable flashing and it was done!


For the flat section of roof which will serve as the rooftop balcony, I used a product called Peel and Seal. It was very easy to install although I’m not crazy about the finished look.



Lessons Learned

Metal work is dangerous! I can’t remember how many times I took a piece of metal to the face or the angle grinder caught and walked its way into my arm. My usual sentiment is “safety third,” but I will use much more caution if I ever build anything like this in the future.


Sprint 8 Totals


  • CURRENT PROJECT COST = $22,765.42


See you soon 🙂

K/R – Casita II

2 thoughts on “Casita II Tiny House | Post 012 | Roof

  1. I am so impressed with this work! You’re knocking it out of the park, for sure. Please don’t come into work minus an arm or hand… it makes scanning more difficult. 😉 Seriously though, you should reconsider moving safety into second place — first place might be asking for the moon. Looking forward to the next installment. Stay safe and have fun!

  2. Love all your updates, makes it self explanatory. Also the honest cost sheets gives me some hope that I can do it too….:)

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